The Power of One

The power to RESTORE the world comes from within. 

It starts with an individual nurturing a new idea, standing up against the status quo, taking consistent action, and making their voice heard.

And when enough individuals come together to support the same idea, when a critical mass is reached, the tide begins to turn and true restoration can begin.

No force on earth can stop an idea whose time has come.
— Victor Hugo

it starts with one

When a single landowner stands up and says “enough is enough” they have the potential to not only transform their own yard but their entire communities.  

As more and more citizens 'awaken' within the community the closer the neighborhood is to evolving from it's chemical past to an organic future as a "Grown Green Community".



Grown Green Communities™

Imagine going to sleep at night to the sound of crickets and waking up in the morning to the sound of birds. During the day a faint buzz of bee's amongst the tree blossoms and flowers as they gather their pollen. Birds and butterlflies pass through town on their annual migrations, stop to rest, and find refuge in this oasis within the cancerous industrial society that surrounds.

This type of revival is only possible when a critical mass of properties in your community make the decision to turn away from their chemical past and embrace an organic future.

Grown GreeN Restoration Web™

We've all heard of ‘Green Cooridors’ that connect an assortment of open spaces in urban areas to provide habitat for wildlife to survive. We want to go beyond survive, we want local plant and animal species to thrive. 

We're looking to go beyond ‘Green Corridors’ to form what we call "Grown Green Restoration Webs™". Restoring the entire town, county and state local ecosystems to there original natural beauty and abundance through a network of Grown Green Communities.



It Starts with You

The success or failure of Grown Green Communities rests in your hands. Make the decision today and commit to using all natural, organic land care techniques for managing your property.

Take the Pledge and add your property to the map