Grown Green™ Method of Restoration

Does the forest meadow need abundant amounts of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides to survive? No. The most beautiful places on this earth have never been touched by man.

Mother Nature knows best. We keep this in mind with every Restoration Plan we build. 


Step 1: Define Micro-Ecosystem Zones

First, we start each project by surveying your property, sampling your soil, evaluating dozens of variables, and defining the unique micro-ecosystem zones contained within your property. 

The average property has a variety of micro-ecosystems.  Even the most basic properties usually have a front yard, left side, right side and back yard. Each getting different amounts of sunlight, shade, rainfall, foot traffic and more; not to mention different soil profiles and biome compositions.  

Each of these varying factors influence the type of plants that should (or shouldn't) be there.

During your Free Grown Green Restoration Plan, we'll evaluate your property in order to define the best game plan to restore your lawn to its natural beauty.


Step 2: Find the Right Grass for Each Zone

Once the survey is complete, we'll work with you to develop a comprehensive restoration plan, matching your preferences with the native grasses and plants known to thrive in each of your micro-ecosystem zones.

This process begins with us narrowing down the ideal plants needed for your ecosystem and then further selecting based on your preferences, the needs of the community at large and the fit with surrounding ecosystems.

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Step 3: Grown Green Professional Maintenance™

Finally, we'll nurture your lawn over several growing seasons to properly restore your soil biome to it's naturally balanced state and for native plants to firmly establish themselves. 

The average traditional chemically treated yard takes around 3 years to fully recover from years of chemical abuse.  It takes time for the soil biome to return to it's naturally balanced state and for the appropriate grasses to firmly establish themselves. During this time we recommend weekly visits from Grown Green Professionals to see your Restoration Plan come through to fruition.

Of course, at the heart of all of this are our Grown Green Professionals. In addition to maintaining a 5 star customer rating, Grown Green Professionals must complete intensive course work and complete a Grown Green Certification process.

During this process we train and assess their knowledge on Soil Food Web, Microorganisms, Diseases, Native Plant Species, Environmental Best Practices and more. Over preparing them to properly steward your land now and into the future.