The Resilient Grown Green™ Difference

Todays Lawn Care Industrial Complex is centered on developing mono-culture lawns which are extremely susceptible to disease, fungus and intrusion by native plants. This results in a never ending war against nature. A never ending stream of treatments of harsh chemicals, herbicides and pesticides that are poisoning our families, killing our pets, destroying our environment & ruining our drinking water.

Good for traditional lawn care companies. Bad for the environment.



Traditional Mono-Culture Lawns

Traditional mono-culture lawns face catastrophic failure when disease, fungus or seeds from native plants are introduced into your yard. This catastrophic failure is the ‘norm’ for mono-culture and can only be avoided through liberal use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers.


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Grown Green Lawn

We don’t fight nature. We work with her hand in hand by leveraging a diverse set of established and proven turf cultivars alongside native plants. By combining the two, we create an environment where even if one or two cultivars are impacted by disease it, doesn’t matter as other cultivars will quickly fill in and replace the effected blades.

The result?

A diverse, great looking lawn that’s soft on the feet and at the same time durable. A lawn that can be enjoyed daily without the need for intervention from harmful chemicals, pesticides nor herbicides.

The future is here and the future is Green.