Our B-Corp Commitment

We built Grown Green from the ground up with the intention of becoming a B-Corp. The sole reason Grown Green exists is to restore our natural local ecosystems and support our local economies.  Everyday we wake up to serve our environment and our local stakeholders.


5% for Your Community

5% of Grown Green revenues are donated to local organizations in the individual communities where Grown Green Professionals serve.  Who decides? Your local Grown Green Professionals follow our "Better Environment Better Future" guidelines which ensure every dollar is is going towards local efforts in one of two ways. Either restoring the environment in which you live or educating your community about their local environmental treasures. Let them know which organizations you’d like them to help! 

5% for those in need

5% of micro-franchisee time is dedicated to pro-bono services. This could be maintaining the lawn of local non-profits or religious institutions. Or working on an elderly neighbors lawn who can't afford the service. Again, as with 5% for the Planet we let each Grown Green Professional decide where the need is greatest in their community and focus their time and energy there.  



Micro-franchise model

We believe everyone has the potential to succeed with the right training and support. Unlike most Franchise models which require massive investments, we subsidize the tools and trainings for our Franchisee's so they can start their local franchise with minimal capital requirement. Grants and zero interest loans are also available for qualifying individuals. And we don't stop there, in addition to extensive training, we also provide access to a network of mentors to ensure the long term success of each Grown Green Professional.